November 21st: on Surveillance and Space, at the Oakland Museum

“Join geographer and artist Javier Arbona for a brief talk in the Gallery of California History. Arbona will discuss infrastructure and surveillance in the port city of Oakland. “

“I’ll give a very informal talk —though on a deadly serious subject matter— at the Oakland Museum of California. This talk is based on previous research events with Demilit (see Archipelago podcast and Macro City tour + review). The plan is to chat about the telegraph lines and their continuing structuring force in the contemporary city by analyzing a centrally located telecom hotel. I’ll be exploring the centralizing forces in the urban realm and the everyday ways in which historic legacies interact with surveillance. [image above is an untitled work from the Rossman Collection, via the OMCA].”

Pop-up Talk: Lincoln Cushing on Radical Acts

Lincoln, one of our CSA steerers, gives a pop-up talk at OMCA. | Friday, August 15, 2014, 7–7:30 pm | Details:

radical-acts-1 Join archivist and author Lincoln Cushing for a brief talk in the newly reinstalled “Radical Acts” section within the Gallery of California Art. Cushing will discuss the postwar rise of social justice movements and related posters in the “All of Us Or None Archive,” a large set of political posters within the Museum’s collection. The Bay Area was a powerful node of production for these “paper bullets,” and Cushing will reveal the many layers of meaning in the posters on display. This in-Gallery pop-up talk takes place during Friday Nights @ OMCA, featuring half-off Gallery admission, Off the Grid food trucks, live music, and more.

Included with Museum admission. During Friday Nights @ OMCA, from 5 to 9 pm, admission is half-price for adults, free for ages 18 and under. Admission for Members is always free.

Slideshow lecture on the history of Bay Area social justice posters

Nicaragua: A Revolution to Defend

Join me (Lincoln Cushing) Thursday, February 7th at 7PM for a rousing talk about McCarthyism, the counterculture, the New Left, and various movements of liberation in shaping the visual propaganda of the Bay Area. Marin History Museum, San Rafael. Much of the content is based on the All Of Us Or None poster collection at the Oakland Museum of California and a catalog by the same name by Heyday. There will be an admission fee.

Oakland Museum of California obtains historic poster collection

As reported by the Oakland Tribune on Oct. 9, 2010, the Oakland Museum of California has obtained a collection of more than 23,000 posters collected by Michael Rossman, who was one of the leaders of the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley in the ’60s.  Rossman, who died in 2008, assembled the collection over 30 years. When he died, his wishes, according to his widow, Karen McLellan, were that “the collection [be] kept together, and he wanted it to stay in the Bay Area and he wanted it to be accessible to everyone.”

Since Rossman’s death, his friend Lincoln Cushing (a member of the CSA Steering Committee) has cataloged the collection, photographing each poster, and Cushing will continue to work on the collection now that it is housed at the museum.  The museum is already planning three exhibitions from the collection to take place over the next few years, and also has plans to make the collection accessible to the public on-line.

For more information, the Tribune article can be accessed by this link.

Oakland Museum of Art exhibits art from Southern California

The Oakland Museum of California presents a selective look at the vast and vibrant Southern California art scene via 11 influential artists, in L.A. PAINT. The exhibition opens October 4, 2008 and continues through March 8, 2009.

Curated by Chief Curator of Art Philip Linhares, L.A. PAINT highlights The Date Farmers (Armando Lerma and Carlos Ramirez), Brian Fahlstrom, Steve Galloway, Loren Holland, Hyesook Park, Steve Roden, Linda Stark, Don Suggs, Esther Pearl Watson, and Robert Williams.

For more information, go to the website.