Bill Issel at the Commonwealth Club

Check out historian Bill Issel at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on Monday, August 25, giving a talk entitled, “The San Francisco LGBT Struggle for Freedom Revisited: Catholic Power and the Right to the City.”

Issel is an emeritus professor at SF State and has written numerous books on San Francisco history, politics and culture. You can read about his work here. Here’s an abstract of his talk:

issel coverThe LGBT movement of the 20th century became one of the challenges to Catholic power that Walter Lippmann called “the acids of modernity.” Bill Issel’s new book, Church and State in the City, describes how, in San Francisco, the church and laypeople worked to make it a Catholic city. They wanted to make their city a place where residents would be secure against modernity’s incursions. By the 1940s, Catholic power reached its zenith just as LGBT newcomers began demanding equal rights to the city. This story helps explain the city’s robust opposition to LGBT activists’ call for broader American freedoms in the 1950s and beyond.

Details and tickets here.

Slow Food Nation Storms San Francisco (Aug. 29 to Sept. 1)

Slow Food Nation, founded by Alice Waters, is building a “Victory Garden” on the grounds of San Francisco City Hall. Its blog writes that the vegetables will be ready to harvest by the weekend of their festival to be held in the city August 29 to Sept 1, Labor Day weekend. You can join others in plating the garden on Saturday, July 12.

In addition, Slow Food Nation reps are speaking at several events in August at the Commonwealth Club.