Listen to Cesar Chavez – moving words by a movement hero

Want to HEAR Cesar Chavez? Click here.

This is a speech at UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza rally recorded live May 1968, from the H.K. Yuen archive I worked with for two years. “Why are the workers and why are the poor in the rural areas so committed to Kennedy? [When] we were taking a beating… we called on people in Washington…asking them to come to Delano. Senator Kennedy was one of those that came. And he held a meeting of the Subcommittee on Migratory Labor… a very effective thing.”

The archive is a fantastic, underdeveloped resource currently laying dormant at the Ethnic Studies Library.  [LMC]

Design Action – 10 years of designing for social change

See the incredible work of Design Action, Oakland’s powerful design group. For over 10 years they have produced posters, flyers, websites, billboards, and other media for activist and social justice organizations. Through the end of March at SoleSpace, 1714 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA. SoleSpace is a vibrant mixed-use storefront that sells – yes – shoes, but also supports exhibits and programs for the community. Their motto is, “Free your sole – the rest will follow.” Contact them at Photos from the opening reception. [LC]Image