CSA Announces Plans for 2009 Conference on the Silicon Valley

The history of the Silicon Valley was wrought by the bulldozer. Here is a 1954 conversion of a field into the Palo Alto Shopping Center on the Stanford Campus.


In July, the CSA steering committee voted to hold our next conference at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA, likely sometime in April, though the date has not been finalized.

The conference theme will focus broadly on an alternate vision of the Silicon Valley, an attempt to orient the official boosterist narrative of the entreprenuerial region toward the history, culture, and politics of the local communities in the Valley. The conference will bring together scholars, activists, non-profit professionals, and government officials to discuss the political economy of the Valley in the historical and cultural context of California.

The conference co-chairs are,

Mae Lee, PhD, professor of intercultural studies at De Anza College and co-director of the Asian Pacific American Leadership Institute, who is conducting a study about political formations of Asian Americans in the Silicon Valley. Contact leemae@fhda.edu

Tom Izu, executive director of the California History Center and Foundation, located on the De Anza campus. Contact izutom@fhda.edu

Also on the conference organizing committee are,

Cynthia Kaufman, PhD, a professor of philosophy at De Anza and author of the book Ideas for Action: Relevant Theory for Radical Change. Contact kaufmancynthia@fhda.edu

Nari Rhee, PhD, post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Research on Labor and Education at UC Berkeley, who has written a dissertation on labor history and politics in the Silicon Valley. Contact nari@berkeley.edu

Aaron Wilcher, MA, instructor of Humanities at De Anza College and a master’s student in the Dept. of City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley, who is working on a study of politics and built space in the Valley. Contact aaronwilcher@gmail.com

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