PRELINGER ARCHIVES: Radio Festival Competition for Archival Production (deadline Aug. 3)

From Rick Prelinger, the Prelinger Library in the South of Market area in San Francisco and the Internet Archive.

“A collaboration with the Prelinger Library – a very special collection of books, documents and other cultural bits — from the concrete & tangible to the abstract & etherized.

The Third Coast Festival’s 2008 audio challenge invites producers, artists, writers and radio fans of all stripes (newbies to veterans) to submit finished audio works (aka Radio Ephemera) inspired by two books from the Prelinger Library, including the voice of a stranger, and lasting 2:30 – 3:00 minutes.

Submission incentives!

Four RE producers will be chosen to attend the Third Coast Festival Conferencehappening October 9th-11th in Evanston, IL (near Chicago) where you’ll present your submission as an official 2008 TCF ShortDoc. Your registration, flight and hotel will all be covered.

Plus! The first five people to submit to Radio Ephemera will receive a Third Coast Festival t-shirt.

Read more about RE guidelines.
Hear more about RE and how it originated, including vivid descriptions of the books from the PL co-founders.

Pictured below are the books you can choose from. Pick two and connect them somehow, in your story.
Click on each cover to see a gloriously enlarged photo. Click on the link underneath each cover to browse through each book for further inspiration. Note: You are NOT obligated to actually read the books from front to back!

“Trees as Good Citizens” “Control of Body and Mind” “The Big Strike” 
Charles Lathrop Park, 1922 Frances Gulick Jewett, 1908 Mike Quin, 1949
browse through this book browse through this book browse through this book 
“Trailer Ahoy! “ “The Stork Didn’t Bring You!”
Charles Edgar Nash, 1937 [The Facts of Life for Teenagers] 
browse through this book Lois Pemberton, 1948
browse through this book

Submission guidelines
How to submit your finished audio story
More about the Prelinger Library
Radio Ephemera FAQ page.
Radio Ephemera myspace page.
How and why to submit your submission to”

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