Richardson on Christopher Buckley, Carey McWilliams, Victor Navasky, Ramparts Magazine, and Nancy Pelosi

Peter Richardson, chair this year’s CSA conference and author of American Prophet: The Life & Work of Carey McWilliams, writes a blog that spins off from his work on McWilliams and his new research on Ramparts Magazine. He has written several book reviews recently that CSA constituents will want to catch up on:

Here, Richardson writes on Victor Navasky–editor emeritus of The Nation–and his intellectual connections to Ramparts, McWilliams, and Christopher Buckley.

Here, Richardson traces an intellectual history through The Nation and Truthdig, following Bill Boyarsky, Jesse Unruh, Carey McWilliams, Marc Cooper, and Robert Scheer.

Here is Richardson’s review of Marc Sandalow’s Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi’s Life, Times, and Rise to Power.

Here is Richardson’s review of Bill Boyarsky’s Big Daddy: Jesse Unruh and the Art of Power Politics.

Richardson reviewed the LA Times Festival of Books through a characteristic California studies lens.

He also had an insiders look at some notable attendees of the CSA conference this year.

* Finally, Richardson reviewed the March Wallace Stegner conference, a gathering of A-list Californian men and women of letters near Point Reyes (Articles one two three four). Listen to audio recordings of the panels and speakers here. Richardson also reviewed Philip Fradkin’s biography of Stegner in the LA Times here.